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Luke: 8:39 ESV "Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you." And he away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him..

Matthew 10:32 ESV So everyone I who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven.

Name: M Williams

I am truly amazed at what the Lord is doing in this Ministry. I was really broken and looking for a Church to call "Home" and I have certainly found it at Eternal Life Prayer Ministry. There are miracles signs and wonders happening right before my eyes and I am growing in the Lord under the leadership of Apostle Prophetess More and Apostle Paul Moore. I look forward to church every week. From bible study to divine worship, I am truly amazed at what the Lord is doing in this Ministry. ELPM is right for this time. Come and see....

Name: Joelle U

Where can one begin, to express my gratitude to Eternal Life Prayer Ministry? I was invited to this church by a good friend of mine in July of 2015 and from that visit my life has been changed forever. For sometimes i had been searching myself and seeking God for a higher purpose. On that fine day in July (Friday), Prophetess Moore read me like an open book and touched on wounds that had been haunting me for sometime (most of my life). She ministered to my soul and broke off strong holds from my life. I was haunted by my past and generational curses that kept me in bondage, which lead to many unhealthy habits (addictions) that most in my surroundings were not aware of. Prophetess Moore, took a special interest in me and prayed, fasted and counseled me until i reached my breakthrough. She showered me with so much love, at a time where my life was at crossroads. She became a friend, a sister and spiritual mother. She never once judged me or condemned me for my imperfection or sins. She persevered more than i (she believed in me more than i believed in myself) and worked with me endlessly to see me through my victory, purpose and destiny in God. I walked into ELPM broken and today, I can say i am at a better place. I have been delivered from my additions, generational curses and I have embarked on a beautiful walk with my Heavenly Father. Never in my wildest dreams I imagined my purpose was wrapped in God. I did not deem myself worthy to serve the Lord or to be used by him, but with the love shown to me by Prophetess and Apostle Moore, I now see myself differently. I have learned that every experience, heartaches, pains and generational curses were to strengthen me and tools/lessons that God was going to use to bring him glory/praise and lead me to my purpose. I have gained a better understanding of God, my purpose/Destiny and most of all, how to praise/honor God in all that i do. My soul is on a healing journey and i can truly say i am blessed to be part of this ministry. Prophetess and the congregation of ELPM have been instrumental to me in this beautiful journey and when death came knocking at my door, they were there to intercede and deliver me from the wickedness of my biological parents. Prophetess Moore is truly a prophet who hears and speaks from God's throne. She's a true example of how one should live a God pleasing life, regardless life circumstances. The Moore family (Prophetess and Apostle Moore), are truly a blessing and God sent angels into my life. I am forever grateful and may God bless them abundantly for their obedience and for being that great example for the sheep God has intrusted them with. With a grateful heart and much love & appreciation for the Moore Family and ELPM. Sincerely, Sis Joelle :-)

Name: Dionne S

For a long time I felt lost and found myself searching in the wrong places for happiness and have been let down by people who I thought I knew and could trust. The day my sister invited me to her church was the day I found a bigger purpose. And after attending a couple of times I learned that through Christ anything is possible. No matter what with God I will never be alone and since I've given my life to him my prayers have been answered and my needs have been met. Gods love is like no other. I feel lighter, happier and overall satisfied. And this ministry makes me feel welcome. Thank you Prophetess and Apostle Paul. You both have taught me so much and have blessed my family in many ways. May god continue to bless and keep you both always!!!

Name: Latoya Ebanks

Country United States Testimonial Prophetess Moore has been instrumental in revitalizing my spiritual walk with God. She has encouraged me to make much needed changes in my daily Christian walk. God has truly placed Prophetess Moore in my path for such a life altering season. Thank God for divine intervention.

Name: Julie G

The day I walked into this Ministry on the opening. I must admit, it changed my life. I was attending church for my entire young adult life and never felt this type of encounter walking into a church setting. I was yearning to feel connected to God, however not being educated with the correct biblical teaching to further my understanding of who God is. I thank God that he brought me to this ministry and gave me an encounter with a prophetess who is willing to expand and guide me into a deeper relationship with our creator. Prophetess and Bro Paul are gifted teachers, GOD bless them! For the are following GOD's directions and not relying on their own understanding as most churches today seem to.

Name: Pastor

Praise the lord, Hi greetings to you in Jesus name we are so happy to see your ministry, I am praying for you, Please pray for us church ministry, god bless you.