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The Biography of Apostle Prophetess Cheavneese Moore

Cheavneese Moore was born in Jamaica, in the parish of St. Thomas. Nurtured and brought up primarily in the thoughtful and caring hand of mother, Mariam Mason. Entrusted to the care and oversight of her savior, through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Her beloved mother was the first who exposed her to the word of God.Her mother Mariam Mason was a devoted Christian, and championed for God as a prayer warrior.

At a very early age, 8 to be exact she was under God’s guidance, protection, covering and leading. Throughout her early years, right into her adult life, like Samuel the Prophet of Old. She heard and headed the call of God upon her life. In those formative years that propelled her into the ministry that she now leads as a leader. It wasn’t always straight forward as God’s call is not always clear. However, her walk into her destiny gave her understanding of the voice of the Lord and the directions in which he was calling her.

In the process of her calling, the Lord led her to serve as an Armour Bearer in Antigua for 20 years. She has also been called to deliver the Lord’s message to several churches in Toronto where she now resides.

With no doubt, that her mother like Hannah promised Cheavneese to the Lord. Her mother being a prayer warrior herself, presented her to labor to which he himself is calling her today. As a result of which, in October of 2010, in Orlando Florida she submitted herself to the ordination of the “Pastorate and Prophets” to labour in the vineyard of her master.

Subsequently, as a result of which also Eternal Life Prayer Ministry came into being on June 5, 2015 of this year under her leadership. To commence the journey of doing great things for our Eternal Father, under the guidance of the Holy Spirits leading and direction. 

As the Lord continues to anoint her path she continues to demolish strongholds and has witnessed the manifestations of God’s healing, deliverance, salvation and restoration in the lives of people she has come into contact with.